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      Have you considered the alternative?

      Signal is often considered an alternative to Whatsapp, but is it really? Why you should gather a group of friends and consider staring into the abyss of self-hosted, federated messaging services.

      Picking and setting up modern XMPP clients


      First of all, we recommend to follow this guide with a friend who also wants to use this technology. Then you can help each other out and immediately test if everything works. Aside from that, there are already enough XMPP users with empty contact lists around :’(

      Parts of this …

      Beginners guide to XMPP-speak


      Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol. - A communications protocol based on XML that has been in development since 1999. Ever since the standard has been incrementally developed to add more functionality. It is the underlying technology that powers a lot of well known chat applications such as WhatsApp and Google …