Yes We're Config!™

Good stuff in the network an online radio station featuring a fine selection of memphis tapes, celtic rock, italo disco and black metal. Not so live from The Hague, hosted on an Olimex A20 Micro our git server. Kindly sponsored by the Zuyderzeepartij, Hoorn NH district. Running off Raspberry Pi 2, Debian Stretch (minibian).


Machine: [borok](
OS: Debian
Services: postfix, dovecot, roundcube, stagit, mediawiki, etherpad, radicale

Machine: Raspberry Pi Model B+ V1.2
OS: Debian
Services: git, mediawiki

Machine: iPhone 4S
Services: website

Machine: Lenovo X61 laptop
OS: Debian
Services: xmpp server, git, a few different websites

Machine: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
OS: Raspbian Jessie
Services: website, git

Machine: Olimex A20 Micro + 1TB HDD + 3000mAh LiPo battery 
Services: website, xmpp server, cal/dav server